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As website owners, we understand the importance of ensuring our websites are optimized for all types of browsers. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to keep track of all the different browser versions and settings that visitors may use when accessing our sites. That’s why having a tool like What Is My Browser is so valuable! 

What Is My Browser is an online tool that allows you to quickly identify what type of web browser and version your visitors are using in order to optimize your site accordingly. It also provides information about other important details such as operating system, screen resolution, installed plugins or extensions and more. This helps website owners ensure their pages will look good regardless if they're being viewed on Chrome or Firefox – or any other popular web browsers out there today! 

For internautes (internet users), this free service can help them better understand which features their current browser supports – allowing them to make informed decisions when choosing new software updates or extensions for improved performance during their browsing sessions. Additionally, What Is My Browser will provide helpful tips on how best configure security settings within each particular type/version of internet browsers for added protection against malware attacks while surfing online safely . 

Overall , whether you’re a website owner looking to optimize your pages according customer's needs ,or simply an individual who wants stay up-to-date with latest technology news - What Is My Browser should definitely become one go-to source !